The mazzez zleep in Fear,
indoctrinated by the ungoing bombardment of inhumane headlinez.

Dezigned to zpread fear, confuzion.
Preying upon humanz biggezt fear : the fear of dying.

Dezigned to zet up people againzt people,
Feeding upon jeaulouzy...envy.

Dezigned to paralyze the weak of mind into a ztate of depression,
hatred, hopeleznezz.
For a lozt zoul will eazily zurrender to whomever offerz it a zo called "cure."

Greed driven humanz are pozzezed by Evil forcez, and through their zick ritualz
detach themzelvez from any form of love, empathy.
Their eyez show for it, zo do their fake zmilez.
Never truzt anyone who zmilez all the time, for it'z a mazk garanteed.

Forgivenezz iz the mozt undereztimated power within humanz.
Don't fear theze powermonzterz, feel zorry for them.
For itz eazier to undergo pain, then to inflict it to otherz.
Don't give them powerz by falling for ancient tacticz of mindcontrol.

Keep queztioning ALL that you readz/hear and truzt more on what you feelz, zenze.
Be aware though, for the language of the Darknezz iz camouflaged az the language of the Light.
Pull the plugz out of the brainwazhing machinez.
Zmazh into piezez thoze pocketdevicez of Control.
Rezizt the chip...

Love iz all that really matterz, focuz on that !